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What is the Maximum payment you have received for any order so far?

Can you tell what is the maximum payment you have got so far on fiverr? Also, please share a screenshot/link of the project.


I recently got Custom offer of $35 ,So it was my maximum payment for any of my Order.I am happy with that but wanted to earn more than $100 on any of my Gig.

I earned around $170 in 15-20 days and it was great.

It wasnt all on the same gig per se but one guy recently spent 615USD on my services within 1-2 days. Was pretty sweet not gonna lie.

This is great. Lucky you. :slight_smile:

I just had a buyer order 1 portrait with some extras and it came out to $40 in one order… A lot more than my usual orders!

what about you? @themajiks

Max I got from 1 order was $100 a couple of months ago.

I thought my $20 gig was awesome, lol.

Luckily my 2nd sale was of $200 in the start. I felt over the moon :wink:

The buyer was very happy with my work and add some tip as well.

After that its very usual to me. I usually get the orders more than $100. But now a days I am suffering a little as I lose my level 1 badge :stuck_out_tongue:

I got 135$ actually 140$ in the same moment from one buyer. He ordered from my gig ALL GIG extras + he made after 1more order for 5$

This was my biggest payement so far in 3 months as a seller on fiverr.

$110 from a seller that i have already earned something like 700$

Reply to @tips4anything: Great work.

Zero $ :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to @abidagfx: The maximum I’ve got is 150$ for an infographic and thats is the maximum so far. :slight_smile:

The best we ever had was a $140 TIP…yea, it is a TIP

Reply to @idesigners: Wow this is what I call a generous client! Good for you :))

I am sure there are sellers with more than the above order amounts per order…:slight_smile:

Well I had an order for $500… because of PC technical issue and other issues …

The Order had to be cancelled…

$400 loss for me and $100 loss for Fiverr…

But recently $400 (in progress) and 50% already paid in one order and pending in about next week. :slight_smile:



Reply to @themajiks: great