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What is the meaning of impressions in seller's gig?


What’s the meaning of impression in seller’s gig?


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Thanks a lot my honorable brother Woofy31. Actually I’m new in fiverr. So I have to know more to do better.
Thanks again for your correction that you have made in my question.
Well wishing for you.


Impressions are the number of times your gig is shown to people. Every time a user loads a page with your gig on it, your impressions increase by 1 (even if the user doesn’t see it, or doesn’t scroll to it if the gig is lower on the page).


Thanks for sharing this.


impression means the number of times buyers or others see your gig.
It doesn’t matter they click it or not or actually have seen it.


It means buyer search for a keyword and in related gigs your gig found on screen with others but it doesn’t mean they click on your gig.