What is the meaning of IMPRESSIONS


What is the meaning of IMPRESSIONS


Here is the answer.
What is impression and clicks? How can we increase our Gig impression? .

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Let me make it simple… Imagine you are standing on the street and people are passing by… those are impressions… when the people passing by take a look at you…those are views…when the people passing by look at you and decide to touch you…those are clicks…when the people passing by,look at you, touch you then decide to carry you away…those are orders…
Note… This is a phantompower explanation so it might or might not be 100% correct.


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අඩේ…කොහොමද බං…


It is what you give before your services. How you are seen and noticee


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Impression means how many times u have been shown to people on Fiverr.
Even if they don’t actually see u, ur impression will increase.


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And we all are running before that


Impression” counts when people see your gig (Title, and photo or video thumbnail), or the number of times it has been shown in Fiverr search page.

Clicks” from impressions are counted when your gig is being clicked and opened from the search page.

So it may be possible to have 1:1 impression to click ratio. But when you have let’s say 50 impressions, but only 2 clicks, it may mean that you have a crappy primary photo or video thumbnail.


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