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What is the meaning of low quality gigs as mentioned in Fiverr Tos?

I was just going through the Tos and need a little more detail about this. Elaborate this a little please.

Low Quality = Below Standards

If a seller is offering a service and promises a certain quality of work and fails to deliver on that promise, i would consider that a low quality service.

If you’re an artist and your portfolio looks like this:

But you deliver work that looks like this:

I would consider that a low quality gig…


Simple: is the quality professional and usable by the client for their purposes?

If it isn’t clear to a seller if their work is professional and usable, this isn’t the place for them.


I consider a low quality gig as one that copied another gig.

Or a gig that has a terrible description in broken mangled English.

Or a gig with only one or two sentences in the description.

Or a gig with clipart as samples of what they can do for a logo.

Or any gig that says they are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Or any gig with lots of reviews that say: “Canceled order. Seller failed to deliver.”

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Thank you for your replies, that was really helpful.