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What is the means of communication with which I can attract more buyers?


I have published my Gigs on Facebook and Twitter, I have received many more views but no increase in sales, so I would like you to recommend websites that are better for promoting services or tips for more sales.


Maybe it’s the content and not the platform that you are using.



You mean my Gigs don’t look interesting to the public?


The thing is the users here are Buyers and Sellers some of which are your competitors. I highly doubt they’ll divulge their tricks of the trade or offer up their magic sauce. Just think of places where your customers (niche) could be hanging out.


I mean that it sounds more logical to me before rejecting a billion user platform to examine your content (gig), message (actual post or ad) and your target audience.


I’m just asking for guidance and help, I don’t think that’s so hard to offer.


Then maybe I’m doing something wrong?


Tips for more sales - Check this out: