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What is the minimum age to use Fiverr?


Is there a minimum age to use Fiverr? I am 13 years old, about to turn 14 and have parental supervision and permission to use Fiverr.



if you create your own document so need your passport or national I’d card. fiverr required only their document other wishes who is using the account it’s not factor,so age is not factor. best of luck for your Fiverr journey. you are so small also :blush: :rofl: :grinning:.

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Oh, okay. Thank you!

where are you form ?

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I’m from Panama. My native language is Spanish by the way.

It’s critical that you take the time to read the Fiverr Terms of Service. You’ve signed a contract, and will be held to it.


I highly applaud young entrepreneurship, and want to encourage it whenever possible. Still, I’m just a random stranger on the internet, so don’t take my word as an absolute. Feel free to bring up anything I say with someone, in person, who you are close to. Verify it.

That said, many come into freelancing throwing themselves off the deep end without much foreknowledge. How much research have you done? Have you done any kind of work for pay before? Have you looked into freelancing opportunities off the internet? Do you have a plan?

A big part of getting to where you want to be is knowing where that is in the first place. Being young, you have a huge advantage in that, if you make mistakes, you have the time to make up for them, as well as a family that supports your venture and cares about you and your future.

“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.”

Of great importance is researching how to get there, which can sometimes tie into the first part, as you will learn more about where the opportunities are as you look into things. Goal setting is critical, short-term and long-term.


Thank you for your time and for clarifying my doubts. I appreciate it a lot. :hearts: