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What is the minimum amount for Bank transfer?

Hello guys , I am Mihraz Hossain and I am working on Fiverr since June 2020 . I have completed some orders but I dont have that much of experience about withdrawal . I just wanted to know that what is the minimum amount for Bank transfer in Fiverr . If anyone can help that would be kind . :blush:


$20 If you transfer your money to payoneer…
$5 if you have paypal account…


Atleast 100$ from Bank transfer

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Thanks but I am still confused :roll_eyes:

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It is minimum $20 for Payoneer. The Bank Transfer icon in the Earning section will turn on when you have the minimum amount. You have to add your Payoneer account to withdraw the money.
I would suggest you to Google the procedure. Again, you can watch YouTube videos to clear your doubts.


In Payoneer the minimum amount is $50.

Thank you guys for the help. :heart:

which one correct information ?

I recommend to read official Fiverr article here

That´s how you get correct answer.


$20 for payoneer (bank transfer)
I do recommend Paypal tho, it is much flexible and the communication part is better when it comes to mail… just saying

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It is minimum $20 payoneer

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Thanks but Paypal is not available in our country , and thats why we are suffering much…
Anyways, thank you guys for the help