What is the most selling servise?


Hello friends,

Kindly use this thread to share , WHAT IS THE MOST SELLING SERVICE.

I hope it will help to new sellers on fiver to take a decision about there new gigs.




Logo designing .


Reply to @sunshy1: But probably hardest.


@sunshy1 in logo category, is there any special type of logo designs which sell more?

For an example flat logo, 3D logo…like that?


Reply to @skydesigner: Yes i agree and some peoples design is really worth about 50-60$ and they do it just for 5$ , best place on earth to get your logo design is fiverr :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @lucky_1992: Well people who designs logo have 6-7 gigs related to it , like i will do logo , i will do 3d logo , i will make signature logo , i will make flat logo and so on … and if your designs are really good you can easily earn 3000-4000 $ a month !


Logo and SEO


@sunshy1 yeah that’s great … Thanks for your ideas…


@sunshy1 yeah that’s great … Thanks for your ideas…


The fastest selling type of gig is the BS SEO and robot web traffic related garbage for some reason.

Second is product reviews and testimonials.

Then design stuff like logos and tee-shirt graphics