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What is the name and address of the entity that handles money withdrawal transfers?

When you receive money transfer on your PayPal account from, who is the owner of this account, as in what is their official name and headquarters? I’m asking because I run my own company and I need this for accounting purposes.

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One time Paypal made a mistake and showed this information and it was the name of one of the owners of fiverr. There is never an address shown. I pay taxes and don’t need this information so I’m not sure why anyone would need to know it.

I have an accountant who has never asked me this question so the need to know the name and address of the owner of the Paypal account that sends the money to Paypal is never something that you would need to know.

You are self employed. You earn money from your internet services. Even the word “Paypal” is not needed as far as taxes go.

It depends on the country. In Macedonia, if you do recieve money you must provide that information to our IRS, like address, company registration number, person that sent the money and similar.

I know we have laws left from socailist Yugoslavia.

Note: You can not be registered as a freelancer here, so that might be why.

If fiverr is a corporation and I’m sure it is, then there is no one person who sends the money to you.

Ideend, then you need to add their company registration number, and the person which is responsible for authorizing it on their side.

This might help you -

The problem is that in Poland being self-employed means running your own company, you can’t just “freelance” as in make money independently without having it registered as a business. Which is why I have to run a special record of all the transactions my business makes, and there are two columns for the counterparty’s name and address, which means that whenever I get money from Fiverr I need to disclose who I got it from. Technically putting Fiverr’s main office there would probably be okay too, but I’d rather be more specific.

Suddenly the IRS looks a lot more reasonable after reading all this and I NEVER thought I would say that. They don’t ask who is paying self employed people. We do get 1099 forms from companies and institutions but not in all cases. If you have enough transactions, Paypal sends out 1099’s but I’ve never gotten one from them.

Simplify your life - put Fiverr as who you receive the money from.
Paypal is the method of receiving the money, not the one that sends it to you.

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