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What is the new features? can anybody explain in details?

Hi Guys,
I think this is the new features in Fiverr. When I am going to create a new gig. I got this notice. I created my gig successfully but what’s that. How can I verify my skill here? Does it effect later on my gig?

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It is not a “new feature.” :thinking:

It is just a notification which says that creating a new gig (in certain categories) will first require the seller to verify their skills by taking Fiverr tests that belong to that category/sub-category before they can proceed with creating the gig. This is what I understood from that note.


Ok, I understand but I didn’t complete any test there. So i think it’s optional right?

Nope. I still don’t think you understand.

“Some categories” means that not all categories require sellers to take the test to create a new gig. This is obvious from the wording of that note. Only some categories mandatorily require that sellers take a test. It DOES NOT mean that it is optional. The tests are mandatory only for certain categories on Fiverr.

If you didn’t have to take any tests before creating the gig, it either means that you had already taken the relevant tests or that the category/sub-category to which this new gig belongs doesn’t require sellers to take any tests.

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it’s optional for preparing gigs but test require to get order for some specific job.


I think it’s safe to say that nobody here knows any more than you do, based on the small amount of info given in the notification. Maybe it’s something they’re planning for the future? Who knows? Possibly if you ask CS they might be able to enlighten you? :slightly_smiling_face:


Though it’s only recently that that message has come up so it seems a recent thing that some categories require the sellers to verify their skills (through a skills test).

It should really give more info, eg. which categories and which skill tests are mandatory for those.


Thanks for your info. @smiler3d

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