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What is the new update in fiverr?

Had 30 minutes maintenance break. What is new ?


The shade of green is no longer 245 124 254 but 244 124 253.

The update is just preparing the site for new system that will check scam and fraud accounts. Or something.


Don’t know I don’t see any update yet.

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Oh. Thank you.

at this moment … i see on the custom offer page, interface is changed :slight_smile: anybody saw something else ?

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Though if it was related to this thread:

it might be just in the video & animation category for now if that’s part of the update (and if it’s not just something done server-side that doesn’t a site update).

Maybe it could be to do with subscriptions but that was already launched for some people but they could have updated something related to it.


There’s no official confirmation, but I think this maintenance was partly about laying out the ground work on the back end for some of the coming updates.


thank you for you observation

thank you uk1000

thank you