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What is the one thing stopping you from growing on fiverr?

For sometime now I have had clients come to me and offer long term work. There are some who just tell you that they want to hire you so that you give them free work but often you will find the ones that pay a big portion to prove that they mean business. I have met about 4 clients who want to hire me for a 6 to 12 month contract. The only thing they ask is that I prioritize the jobs they give me. No delays if the work can be done in less than the quoted delivery time. One client paid me $120 for a job I had offered to do for $50, then the same client came back a day later and paid $90 for a different task but with the same workflow. 5 days later the client came and was offering $1200 one time payment for me to work on the projects he would issue me for the next 2 weeks. I asked for a a breakdown of all the projects and it was easy to finish all of them in 2 days… BUT there was a problem my computer was not able to render the final edited project. I told the client everything going on and he understood. The client came back a week later asking if I had upgraded my pc, then came back again and again until finally I told him that it would take months before an upgrade would be possible. This was the case for all clients, easy work but weak computer… A better computer would do me great… So my question to you is… Apart from more clients and more orders what do you think would be the one thing you can do that would help rack in??

A laptop, probably …

I am torn between a manky Windows one that will a) need replaced in 3-5 years and b) listens to everything and doesn’t work properly if you turn cortana off!

Or an evil empire one that lasts for ever, but at least doesn’t spy on you. That we know of.