What is the orange crown badge on buyer name?


I got messages from some buyer have an orange crown badge on them is that good feature.
I want to know what that means and if there are other features for buyers.


I think you’re referring to the “Top Buyer” badge, which is an indicator for sellers to know that they’ve been a regular buyer on Fiverr, and not a newbie buyer anymore :wink:


Wow thank you @Woofy31




yes you were right :rofl::smiley::smile:


Does this also indicate that they have spent an ‘x’ amount on Fiverr? And what is their rate of being a ‘regular’ buyer?

I’m just curious to know :slight_smile:


From what I’ve heard, if a buyer makes more than 1 purchase, they become a Regular buyer. However, I think Top buyers need to make more purchases to get the top buyer badge.