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What is the perfect size of Fiverr gig image?

Hi everyone,
I have been on Fiverr for about 8 months now.

When designing gig images for my gig, I can’t find the exact dimensions for the image anywhere on Fiverr or elsewhere.

Please help me with the correct dimensions and resolution for the perfect gig image.

Thank you.


Dimensions of Fiverr gig image: ( 550 X 370 ) Pixels 550 width & 370 height.
Size of Fiverr gig image: Image size can be up-to 5 MB.


From me,
I always make FIVERR gig image 1600*1076 dimension.
You can also try it :innocent:


But they say its the minimum size. I have tried images with scaled up the size maintaining the same ratios, but it doesnt fit the thumbnail. Thumbnail only shows the middle parts, top and bottom are a little cropped out

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Thank you.
I wil try that dimensions

This can be worked around by adding extra margin to your image.

Using the Paint program, thumbnails measured 293 x 176 pixels W x H, and in the gig appear 707 x 410 pixels. (This can differ depending on browser, mobile app, or even between monitor resolution. I’ve seen other ratios for thumbnails, such as 225 x 135 and 230 x 142) These don’t all scale to the exact ratio, so give your images a decent margin for error and variance.


Thank you very much for your support

Thank you its helpfull to me.

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thank you. this will be valuable for me.

It clearly mentions that the minimum size should be 550 pixels by 370 pixels which is in an aspect ratio of 55 : 37.
image size

But normally different people say different sizes
In my case, I use a full HD resolution like 1920 x 1292pix in 300dpi

Hope this will help you.

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Thanks so much. But they kinda look funny when the pics get stretched)