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What is the perfect way of Social media marketing?

What is the perfect way of social media marketing?
How can I do this?

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The only way that social media marketing will result in orders and sales, is if you are directly connected to the target customers who need your services. No one else from social media is going to drive your sales. If you’re not connected to your target customers, than that is not a good place to market your services.


Absolutely right. Thanks

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They won’t? Well, I’m glad to say that my experience has been different than y ours.

What is the process? Can you share with me?

“Process”? WTF is a ‘process.’

It’s a numbers game – nothing more.

Somewhere, someone AT THIS MOMENT wants your service(s). You don’t have to find them. Just find someone that knows them. Ever hear of ‘6 degrees of separation’? So you don’t have to find THE ONE PERSON who wants to buy today. Just find someone that KNOWS that person.

Here’s an example.

Say you want to go fishing. Your goal is to catch a particular fish that has been eluding you for years. The odds of your catching THAT fish today are slim and none.

The odds of your catching A fish are better than average and you probably will hook one. Social media is the bigger pole which enables you to catch A fish.

So there’s no “process.” It’s just a matter of putting your butt in the chair and reaching out via FB, Twitter, Instagram or whatever your media-of-choice is.


It is true indeed :+1:

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So just be seen by as many people as possible and you will find one through sheer numbers, AKA the shotgun approach.

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