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What is the point of blocking someone

…when they can still go ahead and place an order with you!?!

That makes no sense whatsoever.

This person showed all the signs of being a problem - asking for work outside of the scope of the gig, questioning extras and price, etc, etc, etc.

Most of us know that it’s not worth our time and trouble…so, I told them they would be better off finding someone else to do the work and blocked them. I’m fairly certain that the person would have been notified that they were unable to send any other messages!?

Doesn’t matter; 30 minutes later they place an order. And now I have to cancel.


Yup, it doesn’t make any sense at all. :roll_eyes:

Essentially we’re blocking to prevent further communication. However, it should also mean not having the ability to place an order. Let us face it some of these users intentions are not on the up & up. Some time ago a user invited me to his city on his dime. I blocked & reported him but knowing that he could still place an order… Pretty much forcing me to work with him and communicate with him is crazy as hell because… I know he has zero interest in my service, he wants a relationship. It sucks!

So, yeah. I definitely understand how you feel at this point.

Most common sense people would take the hint and kept it movin’; others not so much.


Only a madman will order like this, the conversation was enough to let him know that you don’t want the job.

Not your fault!! :expressionless:

Fiverr should take care of this.

What is the problem for a simple accept button??

This would solve many problems


This only gives further credence to my perception that the internet is largely the playground of nutters. :wink:

I will accept at the very most a handful of questions - and by a handful, I mean about 3 - 4 at the most. When it starts getting into instant messenger proportions, I know from previous patterns and experiences that this job will be a royal pain.

My eyes glazed over when they pulled the “but I don’t have a huge budget and all this is coming out of my own pocket. I just want a happy outcome and I hope you do as well” card.

No. I never want a happy outcome. I just want my working day strewn with cow-turds from the devil’s own satanic herd.


I remember when I was a frequent user of chat rooms back in the early 2000’s, if a user was annoying you, then you could block them - and by doing that it meant they couldn’t contact you in any way, or see you or your profile.

So, that was a fully functional feature 18 years ago. So has website coding de-evolved since then? :wink:

I agree with you - an accept or decline button would be wonderful!


I’ve blocked a buyer previously, only for them to order anyway and later have CS cancel their order after delivery.

In my opinion, buyers you have to block are the worst. They can’t take no for an answer and already have an axe to grind because you have made it more difficult for them to order. Worse, most have the idea that they can pick and choose what they want to pay for. In this case, it doesn’t matter if you say you can’t help. They’ll order anyway and decide not to pay later if there is a problem. - Ether that or leave you an evil review.

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I had a guy in Israel (I’m in Canada) who wanted my phone number so he could call me! Umm, I hate to think how much that would cost, LOL!