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What is the power full things in fiverr ? need answers


Hello everone,

what is the power full things in fiverr site you can share your opinion in this section, so we learn more about the site.!!!


What “power full things” are you referring to?


I want to know about fiverr power full tips that help to make increase my gig Order.


i want to learn more about the site main things that use the fiverr to every one like a buyer or seller, how they connects to each other.


You cannot increase your orders, you can only improve your gigs and make them more attractive, or promote them to your target market in order to bring in more potential buyers. Buyers will order from you if they want or need your service(s). There is no way to force buyers to purchase from you.


You claim to have completed 9,000 orders (you noted in this in one of your responses to one of your many negative reviews), and you’ve earned over 6,000 reviews from those 9,000 orders. You’ve been around a while. You already know how Fiverr works.

If you’re trying to ask about something else, I don’t understand your broken English. Can you clarify your request in clearer English?


That’s Right @jonbaas There is no way to force buyer to purchase your service, provide a more work as acceptation buyer from you.


I’m trying to understand your comments, but your English is atrocious. I have no idea what you’re trying to say.


In the market today many things update, like a service, and many more, we want to learn more, because every person must have to learn in life,


You can also share your success here. what’s know some tip me be use for me.


Everything you need to know about Fiverr is available in the Fiverr Academy, written in the Fiverr Terms of Service, or addressed within discussions here on the forums. These are the places in which Fiverr users learn more about the site. Have you read them yet?


You posted in Fiverr Tips, why not share some of your powerful or helpful tips. Whatever works! :coffee:


Again, you’ve completed over 9,000 orders. What do you not yet know about Fiverr?



i know we have already complete the 9K + order but i have noticed i have missing somethings but thats things i don’t know.


I have shared links to the Fiverr Academy, and the Fiverr Terms of Service in an earlier post. If you wish to learn more about the Fiverr website, those are the places to look.

If you’re asking us, here on the forums, for secrets to success, with over 9,000 orders completed, aren’t you already a successful seller? What more do you need to know?


@logoflow , since you’re not offering any tips for sellers, this topic has been moved from the Tips For Sellers forum to the Conversations forum.


That;s things we know, we are learn to every successful person like you, we have check it your profile, quite interesting that’s why asking other wise we have already read the all article in fiverr blog. Thank you so much @jonbaas


Sorry for that i have selected the wrong placed.


You’re welcome. Good luck as you continue to be a successful seller.


My pleasure to here from your @jonbaas, you can share your new tip with me any time, and sorry for my Bad English