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What is the problem of my gig .i do not get order why please help me


i do not understands what is problem with me …buyer do not order my gig now .
only from buyer order level 2 or top seller .why do not order new seller .buyer thinking new seller is not good …i will say buyer this idea is fake .all time new seller try to best service give from buyer .beacuse new seller try to earn level budget …

request …for buyer
please give the chance from new seller and help him to get the best seller in fiverr

dipu sen


Check your Gig, description and welcome page (profile) ,make it look like a killing page ,you will get buyers


Harsh but honest:

You need someone to check your gig titles and descriptions. They are full of mistakes.

In one of your gig’s logo’s you pretend to be a top seller, what you are not. You have 48 reviews but no level assigned. This must be the result of a ToS-violation.
This doesn’t make you trustworthy. Especially not if your profile description starts with the words ‘trust me’

All your gigs sound like scam, especially in combination with all the linguistic mistakes.