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What is the problem of this icon?

Why the show this?

Hello @bablahossain
I think the red alert symbol you getting in gig is about “required modification”
I’m not sure about it so please contact support to get help regarding with this issues.

Thank You. :pray:


You could also try putting your mouse over it (or maybe clicking it) or try selecting the “edit gig” option to see if there is any message about it. Or see if you got any notifications/emails about the gigs. But I agree contact CS if you need to (if you don’t know why they are there). Be careful of any terms of service.


They say “Update Required”

You could still ask CS if you aren’t sure exactly what needs updating. Maybe they need some mandatory metadata adding.

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Click on the gig (on the name) and it will expand. There you might see something under ‘Gig Status’ about a problem with the gig’s video, etc.

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