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What is the procedure to remove a Buyer's review

i am a professional digital marketer. giving my best i will able to happy my buyer but some misunderstanding a buyer give me a bad review and it sown to my profile. now i can’t send buyer request and my rating is low.

all i am saying is there any option to remove the review.

give me suggestion what should i do now…

The question is does your buyer want to revise his/her review?

If yes…

If no…

Read the TOS regarding feedback. It cannot be removed! Buyers are entitled to leave an honest review based on the service they received. Keep in mind you cannot force or harass a buyer to revise his/her review, otherwise, you’ll get yourself in a pickle.


thanks for your reply.

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It happens to all of us or most of us so don’t worry about it and keep up the good work. It will go away.
Sometime it happens not because you did wrong but because client doesn’t know exactly what he want so do your best.
Good luck.

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Don’t worry about the bad review as it’s unchangeable although you can request the buyer to revise it. But that’s all about to the buyer. Just move on without thinking of that.