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What is the procedure to start providing TeamViewer service?

Hi everyone,

I need to use Remote Connection Software (TeamViewer) for one of my gigs. “Remote Connection Support” is already selected in my gig as Fiverr provides the option. However there are a lot of confusing answers on this topic when searched on the forum. Some people say that you need to ask for permission from Customer Support. Some say you need to mention “I provide remote connection using TeamViewer” in your GIG.

So here is the question, do I still need to do something else beside selecting “Remote Connect Support” in my GIG? Do I need to mention the software in my GIG Description? Do I need permission from CS?

Below picture is what is displayed in my GIG


If you want to be sure, contact Customer Support how to do it so you don’t get in trouble.

If I remember correctly, they’ll tell you to mention something like “I provide remote connection using TeamViewer”, but that’s what I’ve read on the forum. It’s really best to contact Customer Support and ask them, otherwise you could get a warning for communication outside of Fiverr.


@catwriter Thanks for your response.
That’s exactly why I am being careful too. I checked Customer Support but there isn’t correct category to choose from in order to submit my question regarding this issue.

In which category and subcategory should I ask them? The most relevant one is “gig category” but it also doesn’t have anything related.

Don’t choose “gig” from the first drop down - choose “other”


You can choose “other”, like @coerdelion suggested.

Don’t worry about the perfect category too much, even if you choose the wrong one, it will be forwarded to the proper department sooner or later.


Thank you for sharing this.

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Thanks @coerdelion and @catwriter. I was confused there, I will do as you suggested :slight_smile:

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