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What is the process after getting nominated as top rate seller

I want to know the process after being nominated for top rate seller.
How long editor takes to decide?


This may be helpful to you:

Also if you type “TRS” in the search bar above there are several interesting posts on the subject.


Be aware that a lot of people meet the requirements for top rated seller but never receive that level. Saying you are nominated is misleading as all it means is you meet the requirements, not that they actually may give it to you.

No one should expect to get top rated seller just because they have met the requirements, in other words, just because they are nominated.


If you mean how long they take to decide if you become a TRS this time, it’s not much longer than the usual evaluation takes.
If your evaluation is on the 15th, you should know if you got selected or not on the 16th. As MissCrystal said, it’s just a ‘nomination’, meaning you’re eligible for TRS because you reached the minimum requirements, not necessarily that you’ll become one.
In either case, you’ll get a message that tells you “we decided that you’ll stay at level 2 for now” or one that tells you you’re a TRS now, so you just have to wait for that message to know.


They will let you know with in 48 hours

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so is the ratio small or large
i mean how many people out of 10 usually becomes top rated who are nominated?

How would any of us know? Only Fiverr could tell you.
The most you could do is try to find out by asking everyone here if they have been nominated and if they have or have not become TRS (yet) (after the first nomination) (etc.) perhaps by using the poll function. Not everyone would answer, and not everyone actively or at all uses the forum anyway, so there’s no way to get a representative estimate even then.


Much less than one out of ten. Maybe one out of 1000. Remember this site may have at least one million sellers.


I am nominated a lot of times but still I am level 2 seller. And I don’t why they always rejected why profile :frowning:

I had to laugh, because this reminds me of the plethora of credit card offers one may receive in the mail that say, “You are pre-approved to apply for our credit card…” which some will think means they are guaranteed that credit card - read the fine print and in reality, you are just pre-approved to apply, not that you already approved.

You will usually be notified within a couple of days if you remain at Level 2 or get promoted to TRS.