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What is the process for filing a complaint?


I placed an order with fragglesrock over two weeks ago. Since my payment I’ve had zero response. Has anyone had a similar experience?

Sheriff’s Note: Calling out users by name is not allowed on the forums. Please read the forum Do’s and Dont’s (at the top of the page) before posting. If you need assistance you may also open a ticket with Customer Support.


To file a complaint, go to the Customer Support page and at the top right you’ll see an option to submit a request. That’s the way to open a ticket with Fiverr. Generally speaking they will still start out asking you to try the work with the seller. They might just cancel it for you depending on all the details.

Did the seller deliver you anything or is the order still open? If it’s still open, you can click go into your order and open the resolution center. Request a mutual cancellation. That should get a response from the seller since if the cancellation goes through, your funds will be return to you to spend on other Fiverr purchases.