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What is the process to send buyer request?

Dear all

I am new seller. I want to sell bookkeeping services using Quickbooks & Xero.but
problem is that i don’t know how to send buyer request?
could anyone please help me?


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Go to seller dashboard page, then click on “More” which should be on the right top side of your page.

On clicking that, you will see a few options where “Buyer requests” will be first to show.

Stay active on that page and keep refreshing it.

You will see a few requests in some while but its also possible that you might not see any requests at all since you are a 0-level seller.

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Thanks mariayasir
i am getting buyer request but my question was that if i want to send request to buyer is that possible? i mean if i want to search job offer what is the procedures then?

You can not specifically search for buyers or job offers as a seller, but you can create custom offers which is also in the “more” options. Click “More” then you will see “scale your business”, click on that to create your custom offer.

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I also facing this problem

Thank you maria for spending time to answer my question. Actually i don’t know much more about fiverr.i am 0-level seller over here.I need to go through it to enrich knowledge.

Check this out:

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