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What is the process to withdrawal money by "Bank Transfer"?

I searched a lot on fiverr forum and google but there is no complete tips/process about how can I add bank account to transfer money directly to my bank account in Bangladesh.
When I clicked on “Bank Transfer” option it’s redirected me to Payoneer sign up.

If anyone already using the payment method please describe.

Thanks in advance for your comment.

Hi, I have tried it once, but that was long ago…it’s better to stick with PayPal, IMO.

Payoneer is same as Local Bank transfer.You have to sign up for payoneer which will transfer your withdrawn money to local bank you registered in payoneer.

Payoneer is better option than paypal for indian users .I have used both.

Thanks for your suggestion but Paypal doesn’t come in BD yet.

If I have already a Payoneer account then what can I do. I’m asking cause for activating Bank Transfer the link redirects me to Payoneer sign up. I’m quite confused.

Okay I had the same problem .I chatted with payoneer support he told me to use another email and make account again through Fiverr Bank transfer link.

Just you have to use another email than previously used ,rest all information was same I filled.

Same here

Thanks! Did you get any confirmation from Payoneer that you did perfect means could add bank account successfully?

Yea I added the bank account and all details.After submission of application online they took 2-3 days for verification.

Now its working fine and I have withdrawn more than $100 through payoneer to my local bank account

I agree I like Paypal alot better

OK I understood. Thanks for your information.