What is the proper act in such situation?!


Hi everybody,

I have received an order from a buyer who has just threw a bunch of text lines at my face and left. I put a very clear and detailed instructions about how to order my gig and that it’s very important to contact me first to discuss the cost and the order duration. The buyer required too much work for just $5 (it worth $20 and I showed him how it’s calculated) and his order is irrelevant to my gig instructions. I sent him lots of messages and offers but he didn’t reply to any of them, and since the order’s clock kept ticking I had to deliver what he ordered but covered with watermarks (copyrighted) and asked him that if he liked the work he should consider buying the actual work free of watermarks. Did I do the proper action? If the answer is no, what would be the correct thing to do in such situation?!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


In such situation when you don’t have enough funds or information and the buyer does not reply, it is better to proceed with a cancellation before the time runs out. Maybe 24-48 hours depending on your time.

In this case, the buyer could leave a negative review because they were expecting something else.


Reply to @brandonmcfee: Brandon I am afraid that you had to cancel the order, I should have done the same. And I feel really bad about how support reacted to my complaint. It’s better to cancel a strange order


Hi Brandon I had the same issue with a buyer. This person bought a gig from me (you can see it in my profile under food photos) and then they started to ask me a lot of changes that were absolutely not included in the gig.

I told the buyer that what they asked had to be bought as an Extra, but then silence for more than 1 day. Then, since I am honest, I delivered the gig contents as per the amount paid ($5) and, after 1 more day, the buyer told me that that wasn’t what they asked for!!!

I suggest you to cancel the order before delivering it, if the buyer asks for strange things/more than what’s described in you gig.

My 2 cents!


Reply to @brandonmcfee: You just shot yourself in the foot, lol


I offered him to send the scene he required as a pencil sketch for $5 and eventually I sent it to him despite the fact that he is not responding. will such act cool him down? ;))


You should have cancelled the order.


But isn’t it possible that he might put a negative review if I required to cancel the order?


Reply to @steffrm: Yeah, the moment a buyer starts to act fishy and set off my spider sense I find a way to get rid of them. I had a client who was setting off red flags the moment he placed his order, but it was a custom order and I explained that I’d refund it if he wasn’t 100% satisfied. He wasn’t 100% happy, but wanted to keep working with me, but I insisted that we stop working together. He still persisted, so I said I’d only work with him again if he was 100% happy with the previous order, marked it as such, and placed a new order. Apparently, that wasn’t what he was hoping for and he accepted the mutual cancellation. I don’t know what he was expecting for just $5, but I’ll tell you what I wasn’t gonna give him: free work. He can do his fishy stuff somewhere else, because I’m not having it, lol


Reply to @jamesbulls: Thanks @jamesbulls next time I’ll be more careful! Really upset!


Thanks everybody for your advices. Well, I think everybody has to learn the hard way sooner or later. This will be my first ever negative review on Fiverr. I’ve had business with lots of clients and they were all very satisfied and liked my work so much.