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What is the proper way to advertise my gigs on social media platform?

Hello friends. I want to know the way of marketing my fiverr gigs on social media platforms. Is it just include sharing my profile link or I should write in detail about my gigs. Moreover I need to know that can advertising of gigs be done on pages of others or I should make one for myself.
Thank you

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@humanissocial has some gigs for this. She’s really good at it.

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I want to know the same information.

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Well, you know, she’s been doing it for a while, has a humungous following and, as a result, is able to give shoutouts to people without annoying her followers.

You’ll need to do that.

Or work out another way that works for you.

You need to do the work for yourself. There are no shortcuts. Other than the above, obvs.


Thanks for suggestion dear

Advertising your gigs won’t get you sales. It just annoys people.

Sharing your insights and supporting others may help get you leads because people will see your expertise and professionalism.

You don’t get business on social media by posting ad-style posts. It just doesn’t work that way. Please look up “organic marketing” and you’ll get to know the principles behind this.