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What is the proper way to deliver website services?


I’m thinking about offering website services next year and wanted to know what the proper way to “deliver” after completion. Do you just deliver an image of the site and login details? How do you keep yourself safe as a seller?

I can’t seem to find any information on the boards regarding website building services specifically, unless I’m looking up the wrong keywords.

Any help would be appreciated.



I just deliver a link (for my guest post gig).

Today I went a little extra, I took a screenshot of the blog to create a portfolio sample.

What Fiverr doesn’t want is empty deliveries. When you click “deliver” and don’t deliver anything.

However, if you deliver a link, your delivery isn’t empty.


Here’s what’s working for me

  • First, when a buyer approaches you with their project then you ask some basic questions to make sure you can do the job and meet their primary objectives.
  • Once they provide you a short description of their requirements you provide a rough estimate (timeline, investment etc)
  • If they agree then you do the discovery (You can use a form or schedule a quick call). This will help you put together a proposal. This is also your last chance to turn down the project if you see that you’re not a good match or if the project doesn’t fit your skills.
  • Then you send a detailed proposal together with Fiverr offer. If they accept it then you start working on it. Until they accept your offer you don’t do any work.
  • You should do the demo on your server and depending on the project requirements you can give them limited access to the backend. Buyer can check the demo and request revisions when needed. I usually give 2 revisions.
  • Once they are happy with the demo you will deliver the order with documentation attached to the order and the actual migration to the live environment will be done once the order is accepted. This point should be covered in your proposal. The same way designers don’t hand over source files, you don’t hand over the actual website before the order is accepted. If the buyer doesn’t like it then they won’t accept your proposal and you’ll walk away.

It might sound complicated at first, but you can easily streamline it. Prepare your discovery form, prepare your proposal etc. You can use free tools such as Google Forms or premium solutions such as Better Proposals. It’s really up to you, but I can tell you from experience that customers do appreciate working with sellers that have an effective process in place :wink:


Thank you. It will help me. I’m a web developer too.


Thank you for that information.

Do you offer graphic design services automatically with your website services (included in the price) or as a gig extra?


It depends on the requirements.

  • Most order a complete package including design (Only thing I don’t do is copywriting)
  • Some clients already have a design so they need me to implement it
  • Very few only need optimization. They have the content, design and a functional site, but it’s not the most optimal solution.

This is something you need to figure out during the discover phase.
The primary goal for a website revamp can’t be “making it pretty”. It needs to be a measurable goal such as increasing conversion, improving usability based on customer feedback. increasing mobile user base through responsive design or improving website ranking through on-page SEO.

The question shouldn’t be is design included or not. You should focus on the overall objective and if that means you need to improve design then that’s what your offer includes.


My rule of thumb is to deliver something you have “control” over and clearly shows the work was completed/delivered as advertised.

For example, when offering web design services, I would recommend against delivering with just a link to the client’s new website on their own server. This is because you have no control over that. Worst case scenario, if there was a dispute (maybe the user broke something, deleted the site etc) how do you prove what was at their URL?

When I offer web design services, I build the site on my own development server. At delivery, I then provide a link to the site I’ve built along with a backup of the files I made. I then offer to move the site onto their servers for them (for free). This covers myself by always having a development copy of the site to refer back to in any resolution case.

If I perform web design work (such as bug fixing) directly on a client’s site, I take live screenshots (using a software called ShareX) as well as Gif videos of any functionality I need to demonstrate (such as a hover-over effect etc).

Hope this helps!

Fiverr impression is down where both click and view is increased

Thank you both for the information. This has really helped!


Some reseller hosts allow you to make a password-protected demo site to present to clients, so they can explore the pages, design and functionality without logging into the cPanel or host. That is also a great way to prove to the client that you created the full product and that they approved it with the information they needed to make that decision.

Another thing you could do is to make a screen capture video of yourself going through the site, demonstrating the features and pages.

Fiverr impression is down where both click and view is increased