What is the reach of Fiverr in various countries?


Does anyone have statistics regarding the distribution of reach of Fiverr in each country in the world or at least western countries?

Solid data will be appreciated,



I don’t think Fiverr has any interest in releasing this kind of data. Besides, you don’t need access to this data in order to be successful here on Fiverr.


There are statistics available which say that India and Pakistan are the countries with the most users of fiverr, followed by as I recall USA.


Great. Can you send refer me to the source from which you remember these stats?



I dont think Fiverr will share this, :slight_smile:


I am of course looking for an external & reliable source.




@misscrystal I 100% agree because the economy of our countries is very weak and people prefer freelancing because it’s the easiest way to work and make money online.


Like I said, I don’t believe this data is available.


You can try Alexa rankings to figure out how much traffic the site gets from individual nations, but it wont give you any actionable data if you were looking for core analytics or business intelligence. It wont tell you who spends how much money, it wont tell you how many hours were logged from a particular country, which country pays the most revenue and which country earns the most revenue.

RE : I am of course looking for an external & reliable source.
You can’t have it both ways. It will either be an external unreliable source or an internal reliable source. Companies are very particular about protecting their data.


Do you use a paid account of alexa or just the free version?


It took me about 45 seconds to find this:

Country Percent of Visitors Rank in Country
United States Flag United States 27.3% 268
India Flag India 9.0% 337
Pakistan Flag Pakistan 8.0% 42
United Kingdom Flag United Kingdom 6.6% 199
China Flag China 5.6% 789


Did you just use Google or something else?


Of course, what else?

You can do it too if you try.


Miss Crystal is at her passive aggressive best :joy:


Yes the secret has been revealed.