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What is the reason for losing gig rank?

I am a now Level one seller. :slightly_smiling_face:
I want to know from an expert Fiverr freelancer about Reasons to lose gig rank. :pensive:
I am sharing my a little experience here,
I am a 2 gig now, last 14 days ago one gig was 3 no page & another one 4. sometimes I massaged to buyer & got some job from here. when I have 2 orders for both gigs the gig rank was Respectively 3 & 4. but when I get second-order on my Instagram gig. The gig went to 12 no pages directly. Then again I got a new order on IG gig. then the gig went to 13 no page.& when I got 5-star feedback I am still the same. no change for ranking. my gig impression day by day I am losing. But The main thi 2 order still running on IG gig.

The other gig was still was 4 no page but today when I submit the order & buyer gave a 5 feedback & nice comment. I also lose this gig rank. Now it is on 12 no page. :worried:

So Why is it happening to me ??


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