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What is the reason for not receiving any message

I’m new to fiverr. I have completed ten orders. What is the reason for not receiving any message for the last one week? Want the advice of experienced people.

Check your best selling gig statistics (impressions, clicks, etc.). It might give you some idea.

But generally speaking one week is too soon to tell, especially for a new seller, it could be a coincidence. Wait a bit more and keep an eye on your stats. Maybe people who clicked on your gig this week were searching for something else. You might get a sudden flood of orders next week, there’s no way to tell.

For example one week in october I earned about $40 (way lower than my average) and had very little new inquiries. On the first week of november I earned $300+ (higher than my average).
In both instances my impressions and clicks remained close to average. Monthly earnings in october also remained the same as it eventually evened out on other weeks. Too soon to tell for november, but I expect it to be the same.

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Thank you so much for give suggestions