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What is the reasons for slowing down gig sales although having good rating?


My gigs has about eight month old. after six months I have no sales. then next very few days I sale 15 gigs by continuously and then the gig sales slowest again. Although my rate is 100% what is the reason for stopping new sales?


We all experience this as sellers. My first impression is that there is a lot of competition on Fiverr, but that’s business. What I thought was a unique gig, I see 5 sellers offering similar gigs. With that said, see what your competitors do right and adopt their methods. Don’t copy them, but DO take note of their strategies…

Hope this helps.


Reply to @hotwebideas: do not ‘copy and paste’… u should ‘copy, improvise and add a unique selling point, then paste’ lol!

on another note, I just came out of a ‘week with no sales’ period grrr [-(


I update my gigs for the flowing reasons. I got an order today. have any more suggestions to increase my sales? Thanks.


Contact request posters. I have been doing that for the last 3 weeks or so, and i’ve made a few sales with it. Some people say they never get a single sale, but give it a try, maybe it will work for you.


It all depends on what you are offering, if it is of value, buyers will overwhelm you if not, you will just have to work very hard at retaining the customers that have bought from you once.


same problem for me my sells is slow few weeks :slight_smile:


I think in life many things run hot and cold, including sales on Fiverr


keep on changing your tags…


Reply to @hotwebideas: yeah i totally agree with hotwebideas ,

I too experience the same and most common reason for this is competition in same gigs.


The reason for slowing sales is also there are times that those who contract out services have learned to the services themselves and have decided to do it on their own.


I believe Fiverr rotate gigs to give even exposure to all and make a fairer marketplace, some weeks I get 150 order other I get 50 thats the way it is.


Proper described gigs and fast delivery may get attention from the buyers.


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Reply to @rafik_justetc: Do you have a FAQ sheet for buyers?


fiverr search is built in such a way that it keeps changing gig all the time…to give everyone chance to get sales.


Just remember “Just buyers can bring more buyers for you”.

  1. Reply any messages from anyone who is interested in your gigs.
  2. deliver as soon as possible.
  3. Support as soon as possible after the Job done (if buyers request)!
  4. Reply all reviews (positive reviews & negative reviews).
  5. Never think “It’s just 5$”… never :smiley:

    If you do enough 5 things above, the rest will come to you. Good luck :slight_smile:


Reply to @oranjegirl: How to create FAQ sheet on fiverr?


Reply to @goodworker123: Also create a collection to include other gigs, not only will your profile show up in the bottom of the gig page, but it will also help others :slight_smile:


thanks for the good question and answers I a, new to this