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What is the recent strategy for gig ranking is exact keyword?

I did some very accurate things as I informed by reading some blog article. But my all gig’s are not ranking and becoming frustrate to not getting sell from last weak to sill now I started. What can I do, shoe me some specific way to get sell quicker.

There is no exact strategy for ranking gigs, and I’ve tried all sorts of them in 7 years - if there was one, everybody would use it and nobody would rank anymore and it would become a lottery. Fiverr’s ranking algorithms are a mystery to all of us, so instead of spending your time trying to find a specific strategy, maybe you should be focusing on enhancing other parts of your service(s) :wink:

And even so, there is a risk that your service may not be in demand, or maybe there are too many competitors providing the same services as you, so you should be testing & experimenting new gig ideas and categories as well, or make your services more unique or different to stand out from the crowd.

Also, I strongly suggest reading the following threads on how to get your first orders faster:

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Hopefully that will put you on the right track and make you stop thinking about or finding a specific strategy - there is no single or exact strategy, and even if there was, Fiverr would make it so nobody can find about it :wink:


It’s not every day that you get a recommendation from a TRS working on Fiverr for 7 years! This article must have done very well!!

#Thanks a lot for the mention. :slight_smile:

:bulb: Hope this helps many more!


You’re very welcome! And thank you for your kind words! :slight_smile:

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Since I started on Fiverr I’ve been monitoring the search results for my gig, After a few orders and good reviews I appear on the first page (not at the top) when I search for ‘Sound Effects’

I don’t know if it’s because of the reviews, because I see gigs with no reviews above me. Or if it’s just random, even though I do appear on the first page every time form any browser. Also, the search results could be different for everybody.

However, when i don’t use the search bar and go directly to 'Music & Audio" > “Sound Effects” I also appear on the first page 3-4th row and the users on the 1-2nd row are different from the ones I see when I use the search option.

I don’t think there’s a way to appear at the top at all times, even though the users above me are the same as when I first searched for sound effects or sound design, specially the very first one on the first row.

The algorithms must be a mystery :stuck_out_tongue:

A mystery indeed - but did you know that some top rated sellers have the ability to pay for a top listing ad? I think it’s a bad approach, like others think, too.

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Well, in this case this is very sad. Since some users on the “Sound Effects” department are reselling sounds from sound libraries that are “free” if you know where to look.

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i am suffering about this issue

Exactly, all those are my opinion too.