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What is the right way of promoting gig?


Can anyone tell me what is the right way of promoting fiverr gig ? which one is good for gig and which one called spamming ?


I hope you mean ‘spamming’ and not scamming! :wink:

Wherever you promote your gig off Fiverr will have its own ToS like FB, Twitter etc. - you need to keep within their guidelines to ensure you’re not spamming.


Thank you brother. But I’ve seen some fiverr gig promoting videos on youtube. I think that was called spamming. retweet and comment fiverr gig link.


I post videos about my gigs on YT all the time - I offer video gigs. Why would that be spamming? Retweet and comment would be Twitter - have you got mixed up somewhere possibly?

Why the assumption that I’m male? :wink:

There is a big difference between any Fiverr guru done ‘make shed loads of money in your dressing gown whilst doing nothing for it’ video on YouTube and reality - don’t believe everything you see or read!


OK…I didn’t know that you are a female. Sorry YT fiverr gig video is not spamming. Tweeter retweet and comment link is spamming.


@offlinehelpers is not only female she is a lady. :wink:


Thank you @vickiespencer - you are too! :slightly_smiling_face::sunny:


thanks for replying :grinning:


Try to think from the buyer’s perspective, and promote that view. Be light-hearted, and fun in your approach. Create a marketing plan, and figure out a couple of venues to tackle. If you can afford it, hire someone to do it. If not start with consistent posts of not just links, but actual useful content for your market/niche, pick only one thing to work on at a time. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Forums, Locally, whatever you decide to do, do it with all your intention so you do it well.

Hope this helps. <3


OK thank you for your feedback. Can you tell me about YouTube marketing ? I have no idea about YouTube marketing.


What about Youtube Marketing? How to make content? What kind of content to make? How to post it? How to reach your market with it?