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What is the role of impressions?


what are impressions?


That is most factor :slight_smile:
fiverr Impressions means - How many times people do visit at search page - where your gig showing!!
If impr. high that means - you’ll have chances to get your Gig view and Click - that can convert into order :slight_smile:


Thanks Brother…!


i have 2.4K imp. in 25 days. Is it fine?


Great information . I really appreciate :slight_smile:


Your impressions are good. Keep them up. My most selling gig have 2.5k impression in 4 months :slight_smile:


I get 1.5k in a month … is there any way to raise the impresions gigs …?


2.4k in 25 days… its like you’re getting nothing.

it should be 2.4k in a day then you could get order. few month ago, my gig was getting 7k imp. in day…
now it’s down but still getting 1k in day. 30k in month…

that’s because of fiverr recent experiment in a search…


Oh!.. So suggest me, what should i do? Should i have to change my gig title & descriptions?


As such i have received 6 orders in 20 days.