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What is the role of profile photo in your Fiverr success?

Internet business is based on trust. In the internet seller and the customer do not look at each other face to face. To Succeeding in Internet Business, You need to create your account correctly before you can start working on Fiverr such sites. The more you brand yourself, the more likely you are to increase your credibility and the number of customers.

The first topic we are going to talk about today PROFILE PHOTO.

if you are confident having your face on the internet, I highly recommend you upload a picture of yourself as a profile photo. Fiverr is a very social marketplace. You will see many people sit in front of a camera and describe their gig. If you upload a picture of yourself in your profile, you ill seem more trusting, and you will attract more customers because of this.

It does not mean This will increase your sales numbers, and that you are going to earn thousands of dollars next month by showing off your real face. This is a basic virtue.

A client who is willing to work with you can at least come up with an idea of ​​how you would look. He/she knows the face of the person they are going to work with, that means Your face will be in his / her mind when they start a conversation with you rather than without any idea,

Your own face will increase the chance of the customer being easily impressed on your profile rather than something like a cartoon, or actor movie photos. This is a proven psychological fact.

Now think of yourself as a customer. Who would you be willing to work with, and who would give you the most credibility? Someone who has their own face in their profile or a cartoon face?

Give it a try.



I feel like this really depends on what area you’re in, I mean, If I’m going to look for someone to draw something for me I’d rather see a drawn version of themselves, or if it’s logo design, a logo they designed for themselves. Whereas, something that involves the actual person, then for sure, it would be great to visually see the person you’re workng with. That’s just my opinion.

I also feel that it’s worth mentioning that there a lot of people using stock images, and especially of women because there’s this idea that a picture of a woman will get you more sales, I’m not sure if there are any numbers to support that claim, but I know it exists. So, whilst this post was definitely made with good intentions, I just feel as though some new sellers/desperate sellers will just feel the need to find a random image to put onto their profile.

Good post nonetheless!


Thanks for sharing it’s help me lot



Thanks for sharing…


This was very helpful for me. Thank you so much.


Hi Nadeera,
I agree with your opinion of uploading a personal photo on the profile. It shows the seller’s confidence and the clients seeing the freelancers for their projects seem more happy.
Though fiverr gives flexibility in this regard. One can show the relevant images in profile. There are others who upload their videos just to show their confidence and share their capabilities to attract buyers.
I am also a content writer on and have put my personal photo image on my profile.


Thank you mam…It’s was awesome tips for new sellers.

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good idea. thanks for your most important & effective information.


Really good idea for fiverr success

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It is a very good tips for new sellers. thank you so much.

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Good idea, thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

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If i knew, I wouldn’t have used my video game nickname on fiverr that means crazy killer in french…

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I thought so before joining Fiverr. I think clients give me work but they don’t know who am I, at least they see my profile picture. This is for trust. And also psychologically impact their mind. I agree with you and I did it!

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@nadeera0v0 Thank you for the Tip.

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good information. Thank you.

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I think people will get more click and order If they use a female image, because psychology also says people trust easly to the women rather than man.
BTW Thank You … :slight_smile:

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Information is very helpful for every new seller.thanks for sharing @upsongcover

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No, they trust the portfolio and work that you provide and how you are able to help them.

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Good trick. It’s nice to have a correct profile picture. It creates nice impression on the buyer.

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