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What is the role of profile photo in your Fiverr success?

I’m pretty sure sticking my ugly mug on all my gig pages hasn’t helped me at all in getting orders, but at least it conveys that I am who I claim to be. :laughing:

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Thanks for sharing it’s help me lot bro !!!

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Happy to hear this tip, thanks a lot.

I agree with you, I also think that a real photo will add sincerity to the profile

very good idea. Thank you.

Good idea, thanks for sharing

People have images of text as their prof pic and they are still getting orders.


Helpful topics . Thanks for sharing

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I believe, uploading actual photo into profile will increase the chance of getting orders also

Very helpful! Thanks for Sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

Almost everybody who has responded here has a picture of their face, so as ‘faceless’ seller I figured I’d pitch in! First let me state that I completely understand the psychology of evoking trust and I want to make clear I don’t disagree with this post. Especially because it includes that a profile picture of yourself doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be successful. I am living proof, since I’ve completed a few orders :blush:

And this is the reason why I don’t have my face as a profile picture. Not because I don’t feel confident enough to do so, but because I simply prefer anonymity.

This is also the reason why I can get away with it I think, because the field I’m active in on Fiverr is poetry. And rather than showing a picture of who I am, I can paint a picture with words to describe thoughts & feelings instead. Furthermore, people come to me for the story of emotions I can write and for that they can look at my portfolio. They can then sort of establish if they like my writing style and continue from there. Would putting a face to it all help me get more business? Perhaps, but I cannot conclusively say it would.

In short, my addition to this post isn’t completely helpful especially because I actually kind of agree (yes I know I’m a walking contradiction but that’s life haha). I just wanted to put my two cents in and tell my side to help people who, just like me, really don’t feel comfortable having their face out there and might feel discouraged after reading this post. Again, it does probably depend on your field but I’m proof that it can be done! Just have a solid portfolio and an engaging description where you let your passion speak. So if you’re a faceless seller just like me; don’t worry, we can make it too :sparkling_heart:

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The most successful people on Fiverr, I know, do not have a profile photo.

PS - They are all buyers.

I beg to differ. There are many sellers that don’t use a real picture of themselves as a profile image and are doing well.

This is particularly true in the case of @vickiespencer, who was recently promoted to TRS and whose profile image is a jedi cartoon of herself.

In my case, as you can see, my profile image is a sketch of myself and it has also worked for me.

Trust isn’t built around a real photo of your face, but on your actions. You can have a great and lovely profile picture of yourself, but if, among many other things, your work is lousy or you’re dishonest or don’t know how to conduct yourself with your customers, then you’ll reach nowhere.


I mean if you don’t know her in real life, how would you know the jedi cartoon is of herself?

Statistically and incidentally, most scammers do not have a real photo of their faces online.

A face can work, but it’s not a necessity. Know what’s more trustworthy than Tim Cook’s face? Apple’s logo. Just something to think about. Branding is vital, but branding doesn’t have to be a face.

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Yeah, but provided you are not a digital agency/team/studio/logo artist, don’t bypass the fact that Freelancing is very personified. As a result, buyers buy from characters not big companies who work the same ways “brands” work. (Apple is not one person and Apple wouldn’t be apple if Steve Jobs did not use his iconic image)

Logos are great, don’t get me wrong. However if you have a talent, you attract much more showing the world your real face. In an era where anonymity is a free for all game, on the Internet, a buyer feels safer viewing your face and even more knowing you are verified.

My best answer once and for all would be: Become established, then hide your face and put up a logo. 1% chance someone who hides his face, has to hide something. Business psychology.

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I guess that will depend on the face (and the logo). I’ll trust a random (well designed, quality) logo much faster than I’ll trust some random faces lol


Of course it depends on the face. This is why commercial strategists use specific characters/faces for specific needs and target audience. I’ve not seen freelancers posing as logos but as real life persons. That’s the orthodox way and we are online on the Internet.

I wouldn’t trust someone that hides his/her face that easily. Simply because in a worse case scenario, if verified Fiverr has at least seen his/her real face while behind a logo can be anyone.

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right you are. first we have to build trust in Fiverr

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thanks, Nadeera.
the post very helpful

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