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What is the rules of Fiverr Mobile App?


How are you all? Hope all are fine.

I have a one of question about fiverr mobile app. Can you please help me!

Sir Does Fiverr block the account when your PC fiverr connect to personal internet connection & you are using Fiverr Mobile App on your Mobile data internet or some other out sider connection?


Hello :wink:

No. Fiverr Have no problem if you use Fiverr from PC & Mobile at the same time. But you cannot use more than one account from one device.


Its okay to use your mobile app :slight_smile:


@wp_kid My brother is this possible when i use PC account on my Home internet & Mobile app on another internet connection?


you can use one ip for one account if you are connecting your app with any other connections that not an issues but if that connection would be connect to any different fiverr account than you can get blocked so just make sure the connection you are using for mobile or pc just have one active fiverr account if you will have multiple accounts on any internet connection you can get blocked

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Brother i mean that my PC account on my home network & mobile app is on my mobile 4g connection. So that’s Possible without any problem & issues?

& i am using only one account

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that is completely ok no problems with that just dont use multiple accounts and thats it i am doing the same

Thank You so much Brother for give me Information.

Wish you a best of luck for your Successful Future. :slight_smile:

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NO specific rules, you can be always online by this

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Thank You sir for Comment

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good luck:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


No problem. I use broadband in PC and other Provider in Mobile.