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What is the scope of Virtual assistant in COVID-19

Everyone working online which create lots of opportunity for online workers (Freelancers) but at the same time there will much higher competition.
I am offering virtual assistant but due to high competition in the online market it becomes difficult to get order.
Anyone have any suggestions please…

Start working every work has challange , do it earn it man

What covid has to do with a scope of virtual assistant job?
Or did you through that word there just to get more clicks? It’s not cool at all.

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No one hires a virtual assistant to help them get through COVID. That isn’t a thing.

And it’s weird to come here trying to find ways to capitalize on a tragedy/crisis… You create a role based on what you’re best suited to, not what you think you can profit the most off of. The fact that there is high competition should alone tell you that it’s not a worthwhile business. Being superfluous in a market is a terrible business strategy.

As @mariashtelle1 explained, this is not okay. It’s sleazy. It also makes no business sense.

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everyone working online. those who were working offline there also now online and from home. Virtual assistant are in huge numbers … that’s why I’m was asking