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What is the service have highest salle in FIVERR


I think Graphic Designs. Can you please share your experiance…?


I think probably:

  • graphic design (especially logos) i’ve seen gigs with hundreds in queues
  • seo services (those backlinks types)
  • social media (fans, followers, views, likes and such)


Yes, Because no any place to design quality LOGO for $5.

#4 backlinks seo


facebook geek has got it spot on…

I see about nothing more than those 3! lol


I agree 100%


Probably next is various writing gigs. Mostly in the service of SEO LOL


VIDEO Testimonials also


I agree with thefacebookgeek - I also think video gigs do well


backlinks, facebook likes, twetter followers, etc. ALL FAKES but these gigs generate sales :frowning:


In the year since I have been on fiverr I have seen the top sales go from social sites (likes, fans etc…) and SEO gigs to the more creative gigs like videos and writing gigs


Reply to @publicsview: Agreed


Social media and SEO


I think video gigs do very well.


Content Writing Gigs Are Also in Great Demand, Always!