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What is the smple work for me on fiverr if i have no skill

I want to do some work on fiverr


Feeling brave today, aren’t we? :sweat_smile:

What skills you have?

You must have some skills since you are here on forum (internet).

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Do a voice over, if you have a good voice, Try it :blush: :grinning:

If you have no skills, nothing will work for you. Even re-selling requires skills (mainly communication skills) that you don’t seem to have, judging by your post.

The only thing that might work is selling some pre-made thing, a book, art prints, something like that. But you would have to have the skills to make that in the first place, or the money to buy the rights to it.

I think freelancing isn’t for you, go do something else.

Hi, here is more than 100 types of business are available. Here are thousands buyers are here to satisfy sellers. So, you can search the business and find out where is your interest and then learn the skill properly and join us as buyer.

@misbahullah627 as lavioramedia said, voice-over and messages could be your niche.

If all else fails you can try some of the GIGs like

“I will deliver an exclusive message as ____ fruit person, boatman”

Or similar.

Think outside of box.

Hi @misbahullah627 just gather skill from other work, Then show your buyer. :heart_eyes: