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What is the strategy to be active on fiverr?

what is the strategy to be active on Fiverr? What forum activity could help a new seller to get some engagement in their gig? Any open suggestions will be highly appreciated.


None. The forums are hosted by Discourse and a completely separate platform to Fiverr.

The benefit of the forums is reading.


Thanks for your information. But I saw many people suggesting here to be active on forum.

That is just one of the many myths that circulate.

It is difficult to counter this myth every time it pops up, and like a weed it just keeps spreading.


As @imagination7413 has said, forum is all about learning from reading. Reading stories that happened to Fiverr Users. Learning from mistakes of other Users. Some Users help others with their Gigs Improvements for example and “better” Gigs have higher chance to be ordered.

For those who have not spent their time reading the ToS and Community Standards, Forum Users will love to remind it.

Forum has a lot of value, but only for those who read it, think about it and use it.


Thanks for your information.