What is the time that loading buyer requests?


I check my buyer’s request session several time s but I didn’t see any request yet. I want to know what is the time that it loading new requests


In theory the requests are evenly distributed throughout the day, but you can notice a greater number of them in conjunction with the business hours of USA and Europe.

In theory.

In practice, the Buyer Requests section is practically dead and can be used for the following purposes:

  • screen saver
  • memento mori
  • inexhaustible source of great memes
  • some meditation exercises


I couldn’t understand last part


It’s a joke, Kushan. But I think there’s some truth in it.




:heart: these. You’re a trip! :stuck_out_tongue:


i think so theres a truth in it


another question i have can we send offer more than our gig price


You could, but you are taking a chance on not getting the job. :neutral_face:


yeah pcqou also tell it. best thing is send offers under my gig offering amount.