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What is the time zone of fiverr for Evaluation period to promote sellers on next level

Today i’m waiting to promote on level one :smile: .So anyone know here on fiverr which country time zone works here :blush:

Everyone knows and even fiverr highlights it everywhere. And it was even written on the screenshot on the other post you commented. It’s GMT

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Pakistan Standard Time / National Time is 5 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time ( GMT +5).
Here according to fiverr 00:00 GMT
Here now in pakistan is 9:22 AM
Then fiverr should promote me on next level 5:AM Pakistan
But still waiting even i’m not doing breakfast :smile:

To my experience, you will receive notification 12 hrs after 00:00 GMT.
The server needs time to arrange many things so you can expect to be promoted on 2pm your time.

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So i should do breakfast first :smile:

That is when the evaluation period ends but not necessarily when it will get updated.


So at last i got level one :smile:
And looking forward to achieve level 2 soon :sweat_smile:


I had completed the next level requirements at 11:00 am on 15, August. 2019.
I had 89% my completion rate but got 90% at 11:00 am but still got demoted at 2:00 pm

What is the reason ?