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What is the use of linked accounts?

If you cant open one’s accounts linked on a profile than whats the use of it? Fiverr should allow these linked account buttons to work as seller’s further portfolio

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Anyone? …

I think its more like verifyying your self to buyer by showing them you have your account liked to your profile. !

thats not going to happen, it will open gate to direct communication to to seller , out side of fiverr.!

No. Why would Fiverr let sellers share external promotional websites that have their real name and contact info with buyers? Think about it.

They’d be breaking their own ToS. And why is it a ToS? To prevent people from taking business off of Fiverr.

Besides, your social media accounts are not a portfolio.

The purpose of linked accounts is just to show buyers that you’ve taken extra steps to prove your identity and prove you aren’t pretending to be someone else.