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What is the vector file and source file?


I don’t know what is the vector file format and source file format…I have search in the internet many times and I found the file format jpeg,png,ai,psd that’s it.Both are same format.So can anyone please tell me what is the different.


.AI is an editable vector file of adobe illustrator. .
IF a client says that you need to provide the source file … he means to have the .AI file of adobe illustrator …
JPEG, PNG are NOT vector files…
PSD is the editable file of adobe photoshop… ( photoshop doesn’t work with vectors … )
One way of giving a vector file … is you find an online converter and convert your work into an .AI extension … and deliver ( when i didn’t have illustrator i used to do the same )
Take care :slight_smile:


Thanks.You save me.
Sometime I see the buyer request and Many job proposal they need vector file or sometime they need source file and that’s why I confused about that.


Other vector file formats include .svg, .pdf, and .eps. Source file is the editable file from whatever program you made the design in which allows easy modifications of the work.