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What is the way to rank Gig?

I am always active in my fiverr profile. My gigs are far behind the ranks. But I have given much better service in all previous works. After following all the instructions from Fiverr, I am not in the gig rank/gig far behind. What else can I do? Someone help me.


Maybe read the answers I gave the other person who asked this very question about an hour before you and is an active thread.

Sorry to seem so angry but what is the point of replying to the Community if most of the people here only read it if it has their name on it. Even then mostly don’t even say Thank You for the help they asked for - like they are the King of Creation.

And no I won’t link to that thread either as there are 3-5 of the very same Q every few hours of every day here. Yet virtually no one goes to read and learn from them just expect to have their success handed to them on a platter at their feet.

So the lesson here is to do some of your own work for yourself. Learn from the community, contribute to the Community. If you only make it all about you, there is no space for other people in your world.

Hint: customers = other people :wink:



Hi! I would suggest taking a look at gig ranking section of this post: Answer to all the questions that sellers have

You can find some information about why you are not ranked on the first page (or wherever you want to be). I would also suggest doing a little research on the Forum because you can find lots of valuable information! I hope this helps!


Wow, just how many posts have you already made with my words? Rude.

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Why do you react so much. You could have explained it to me in a nice way. As a newbie I don’t understand. People just make mistakes. So I could be wrong. I have come here from skilled people like you to know what is wrong and what is right.

So you do not understand copy/pasting someone else’s advice is wrong?
I am sure you would react as well if someone was running around a forum posting your words and taking credit for them as if they were experienced here.
Not buying the mistake excuse - it takes a deliberate action to copy someone else’s words.


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