What is the weirdest most inappropriate gig order you ever received?


I have been thinking about doing some fiver gigs with my sister who is 17. I have video editing and photography experience. I am just wondering how sketchy or disturbing some of the orders are. I don’t want my sister seeing something wierd and quitting.


I’ve received some disturbing/harassing messages, but it’s never progressed to the point of actual orders.

I do have to qualify and say that for me it’s a bit different, as I am open to occasionally writing/editing some adult content. Actual customers who want that type of content are usually quite respectful though, and generally ask if you’re okay with adult content before going ahead with requirements.

I would still recommend that maybe you take control of the messaging functions and such, as well as specifying in the gig description that you don’t film anything pornographic, violent, etc.


I provide social media services here of Fiverr, going on 4 years. I’d say the most disturbing message I received (and it happened this week) was a prospective buyer attached a porno video. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Unrelated to the project. If your sister decides to join Fiverr, then she can report disturbing videos or messages to support.


I once got a message from a guy who wanted me to watch him and his girlfriend on Skype as she did you-know-what to him. If I remember correctly, he offered to pay $20. There were a few more weird ones but nothing like this. I laughed it off, but I’m sure there are people who only found it disturbing and not even remotely funny.

That being said, I think your sister won’t see anything here that she can’t see anywhere else online, so she might as well try her luck. There are people younger than her on Fiverr so I’m sure everything will be fine.


There are 13 year olds selling here so I’m sure she’ll be fine.

Occasionally, there are some weird ones but no more than any other freelance sites. You turn them into customer support.


Weirdest thing I ever got asked to do was write a song promoting young earth creationism. Not too bad tbh


AS a 3D design artist, the weirdest thing i ever got as a project was to design someone’s mothers tombstone in 3D ! that was quite shocking and i kind of kept thinking of how things are digitally changing lives…even if some of them are dead.


I posted about my weird experience some time ago - just a weird buyer with a fake name, profile, and project, trying to get unpaid content he could use in an adult context. Literally crazy. I reported and blocked when I realized. The next day, I got harassing messages from a new account the user created.

However, this was the only truly weird message after being on Fiverr for a few years. It was veiled and deceptive, which is a worry (since Support basically said they can’t do anything about it), but your sister is likely old enough to be alright. I’m hoping that Fiverr can implement some more monitoring technology to help protect sellers from this kind of thing…


“Hey, I would like you to write me an erotic story involving you and I (a 70-year-old man) having sex”

Well… he paid… although not nearly enough for the psychiatrist I am going to need to see


I had some guy ask me to perform a spell on him where he could sleep with 100 different women in 3 nights. That was pretty sketch.


Although very smart as well, because if he did not get to sleep with 100 women, he would have a right to request his money back before the order completed itself. If I was ever going to scam someone out of money/work, utilizing the notion of Impossibility of Performance would be my main go-to


Did it work? Can I get what he got? 2018 hasn’t been very kind.


I will give you an ice-pack for $5


Perhaps a nice cold shower will make him feel better


My offer was for post-spell recovery, rather than replacing the spell


As long as nobody specified which 3 nights it would actually be then it is pretty safe


At this point, I’d be willing to give any thing a shot.
Last night, i clicked on one of those super sketchy ads on torrent sites. That’s the level of desperation I’m on right now.

Go i hate February so much,


Get ready for the most salty post in the history of this forum which I’ll be dropping in 14 days.


Yeah, those hosting offers are never as good as they say they will be…

It’s ok, I will send you a beautiful card with chocs and flowers on St. Lovel’s Day


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It has finally happened…
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