What is the weirdest request from buyers that you get ALL the time?


Each time a new buyer asks me to put music behind their voice note (or cell phone recorded vocal recordings) I end up wondering "What are my fiverr friends equivalent to this?"

It’s just such an odd request to me but I get it all the time. Sometimes I have to bow out and virtually explain the recording process.

I have to ask things like "can you send me music and try to record yourself singing on top of it and let me sing the demo for you?"

The weirdest part is when I actually have attempted to put music to cell phone recordings…no one has said “that doesn’t work.” Trust me; That doesn’t work lol.

What say you? What is that one request that you get all the time- the one that just makes you go “why do people think I do that?” lol.

I know you have some great ones.


That’s creepy. I would be tempted to put fake hair and green toe nails on; send an image to the potential client and say “here’s a demo- just wanted to make sure you could receive it.”


I’ve had some random reference requests. Sometimes a buyer will provide me with the context of their research needs and sometimes it is just a request for research on something weird. I’m fine with it either way, but I am often curious how my research is used after I deliver it.


Reply to @madmoo: Yeah, there’s actually a program that works those animations - you have to draw them in a vector program in a specific order, and then the program will read it in that order and show it “drawn” by a virtual hand.


The oddest request I got on Fiverr was the very first communication I got. it was somebody who wanted illustrations in my (cute, funny, cartoony, children’s book type) style for a guide to home colonoscopy. . . . Including drawing somebody giving themselves an enema. I could see, kind of, that friendly drawings would make the whole subject less, er, icky, but I just thought ‘Yeek!’ and turned it down. . maybe I’m immature, actually, no maybe about it :wink: but I wasn’t going to go there!


weirdest request ever was getting asked to make 20 minutes of “rapeish sex sounds” for an art exhibit

weird request I get on a daily basis is to recreate songs that are from videos with such bad quality and so much talking over them I literally can’t make out 2 seconds of the music. and every time I will reply back saying I can’t hear the music and I usually get a snarky remark like what! I can hear the music perfectly the beat and everything…


Reply to @madmoo:

I look forward to it :wink: Merry Christmoos :wink: