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What is Third party TOS violation?

I want to know about Fiverr third party TOS violation. If anyone has good knowledge about it, then please explain it to me.

It’s when there’s a TOS violation (or seems to be) against another website/company probably. It might have been the other website/company that reported a gig.

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Breaking the terms of service of another website/company/organization. For example, selling Amazon reviews (Amazon doesn’t allow it), Facebook likes (Facebook doesn’t allow it), YouTube subscribers/views (YouTube doesn’t allow it), Google Play reviews (Google doesn’t allow it), incentivized downloads (app stores don’t allow it)…


perfect answer…;;;;

Ok. If I setup anyone business in Facebook or google, can this service against third party term?

I’m not sure. You’d have to check Facebook’s or Google’s terms of service, and/or check with Facebook/Google. What I listed were common examples of gigs being denied/sellers getting permanently banned (in the case of Amazon reviews, there was also a lawsuit against 1,000+ sellers). Another example would be selling traffic/visitors.

I don’t sale this type of services. I am working to set up my client business in Different Network as a manager. It’s allowed in all platform like google and Facebook. So, If I provide this services, then can I break the law?

as far as the google my business listing is concerned, which is the gig you had removed, there are a lot of issues with this at the moment with Google because of “things” people are doing, things that have ended up getting reported in the press and made Google react to them. Google May allow you to create the listing. You can definitely optimize it but there is no way they are going to allow you to submit the listing to Google or verify it. Its not allowed and has to be done by the owner.


I understand your concern. But Google give permission to the agencies and local guide for setup business to help people. And agency and local guide can help to verify business following google terms.

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It’s a serious matter be concerned about it and stay away :slight_smile:

You used to sell traffic/visitors and still have a (currently inactive) gig for it, that why I’ve mentioned it.

@catwriter nice description.